Let me help you pick the right type of new years resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

The holiday season is over and we now move our focus into New Year resolutions and what things we will aim to achieve in 2020. I’ll start this one off with the main statement that I want you to take from this blog:


The goal should not be to start punishing yourself for all of your over indulgence through the last month, with kale only diets and anger-infused manic spin sessions on your lunch break. I manage to stay in shape year round with good fitness and I happen to not like either kale or spin.

Why do we always go for the extreme option?

Chances are that you’ll do this in the hope of quick results so, let’s talk diets first. Crash diets which put you through horrible starvation will only cause your metabolism to dramatically slow which will actually lead to weight gain in the long term. Crash diets will also cause your energy levels to drop, they’ll likely ruin your sleep and therefore also ruin the quality of your training (then, you’ve really problems!). Put simply, there is no such thing as quick results and you should not strive after them.

Crash diets usually come hand in hand with insane training regimes, but they too can also be a really bad idea when starting out or getting back into fitness after a break. Whether you are attempting a tough crossfit WOD or have decided to jump off of the sofa straight into a 10k run; if you’re starting it with an insane training regime, you’re making a bad decision and are likely to end up with some sort of injury or end up feeling so sick that you’ll kick start your next year break from fitness. Weight/advanced fitness training requires patience (more so than any other area of health and fitness) and a commitment to continuously learning more as you go through it. It will need to be something you value but respect greatly.

In this situation sustainability is the challenge and to achieve this you’ll need uncomplicated, easy to follow advice which can help you build solid habits to create a long-lasting and better lifestyle (more to come on this below).

Whatever choices you make, make sure they are sustainable for the long-term!

Successful dieting

Successful dieting is actually really easy, when you know how. Some of you may already know how to use the steps below to achieve this. However, should you not, please get a professional to do this for you following the below simple steps:

1. Work out a calorie target, based on the goal you may currently have.

2. Calculate your daily protein consumption target (also based on your goal).

3. Fill the rest of your calories with either fat, carbohydrates or a mixture of both depending on your own individual preference or need (for example, I often prefer to consume around 1g of fat per 1kg of bodyweight, and then the remainder of my calories comes from carbohydrates).

4. Stick to it.

Of course there are more complex and specific ways of working this out but if you follow those rules, you’ll find it difficult to go wrong.

Successful training

When it comes to training the basic guidelines are even simpler!

1. Carve out a specific, consistent time to do the new training or activity every day. Don’t negotiate on this, it’s your time, for you.

2. Start small, whether it be weight or time spent exercising. Then step it up as you go. That way the barrier is too small for you to not get past it.

3. Pick goals for the long term and then break them into smaller, much more reachable goals for shorter time frames.

4. Don’t be random with your sessions, plan and structure them so that you know exactly what you should be doing.

5. Trust the process (a favourite of mine).

I’d like to draw your attention back to point 4 that I just made. The planning of sessions which will maximise your time efficiency within in the gym and get you the best results possible is a hard task. Luckily for you reading this, I’m doing my first full intake of 2020 online clients right now! You can sign up at any point via the monthly subscription service section on the online coaching page to get into the group which starts on 1 February 2020.

I hope that this article has given you some helpful information to make more informed decisions on New Year targets and goals for your health and fitness. Follow the simple guidelines and you will surely see movement in the right direction. However, as explained above, weight/advanced fitness training is a process of continuous learning. It’s worth baring in mind that as you change, your training will need to change too.

As always please get in touch if you have any questions or if you’d like me to write about anything specific. While you’re here, please take a look around at the brand new website, which has been under development for a while and contains lots of exciting new content (as well as old). Enjoy!

Keep training,


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