Why You Should Follow My Morning Routine

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of morning routine of which sock to put on first, or whether to brush your teeth before or after you shower. I’m going to talk to you about my own morning routine that comes after and around that – the type of routine that actually matters and affects the outcome of your entire day.

Habit 1 – Rehydration: This is the first thing I do every morning, before I even stand up out of bed. That is, to rehydrate- usually with about a pint of water. I do this because we are all prone to sweat during the night, and 8 hours in bed is enough to naturally dehydrate you slightly. Research has shown that after approximately 1% dehydration people display signs of decreased cognitive ability including memory, visual vigilance and mental fatigue. That’s after just 1% guys! Imagine if that became 2, 3 or 5% – no thanks.

Habit 2 – The meat and nut breakfast: This has become hugely popular in recent times and for good reason too! There are a few simple reasons as to why I choose this type of breakfast. 1) The first 60 or so grams of protein consumed each day is used for our immune systems, so I choose to get that out of the way as soon as I can (I can’t remember the last time I was ill). 2) Harvard and York universities have backed that the meat and nut breakfast can help balance the dopamine/serotonin axis, which can improve our moods and increase our willpower. 3) When the aim of the game is to stay as lean as possible fats beat carbohydrates in the morning. Fats will help to control your hormone levels and help you to stay insulin sensitive – meaning your chances of obesity go right down!

Habit 3 – Reading for self-growth: I spend around the first 20 minutes it takes me to do breakfast each morning reading about psychology, relationships and self-growth. Things that don’t always directly impact my business, but definitely will at some point in the future. For example, yesterday i read an article about entitled ‘Your weirdness is your brand’ in which it encouraged people to engage with the ‘weird’ parts of us because they are what make us great. My go to source for all of these articles is medium.com, because they get straight to the point and give some great practical points. Why do I do this? Because the better I can understand myself and other people, the better the service is that I can provide to all my clients. I tend to leave my technical reading until later in the day.

The first two of these habits have been with me for the last year or so and have worked immensely well. The third habits I formed only about a month ago, but have already found it incredibly useful and interesting.

Looking to the future I hope to also employ the use of a gratitude journal. I have seen these floating around a little bit on my social media, with lots of people entering different styles of inspirational sentences. The one which has stood out most to me is ‘I will win today by…’ because of how simple yet powerful that can be. Every one of us has a busy life, but if I can wake up and prioritise the most important things in that day then I know I will ensure productivity in some way or another. Every day you should do at least one thing to bring you one step closer to your goal in life, and a great morning routine will set you up to do just that.

Thanks for reading.

Keep training,



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