30 Things I’ve Learnt While working In The Fitness Industry

About myself and other people

1) Always go first. Whether that is smiling or speaking first, it doesn’t matter- just do it! Almost everyone is nicer than they seem, don’t miss out on the opportunity to realise that.

2) There are at least one or two things everyone is amazing at, figure out what they are and use them to make you awesome!

3) Always look after yourself. Your health dictates everything in life and you matter more than you think.

4) Memories are the best gift you can give someone.

5) Be honest and direct with people. Never beat around the bush and waste time and effort.

6) Everyone, no matter what they do, basically just wants the same thing – happiness and security.

7) Everybody else has problems just like your own, stop hiding or feeling ashamed for it- people understand more than you think.

8) You’ll never please everyone, stop trying to – you end up looking like a fool.

9) The more questions you ask people the more you will learn and move forward.

About the fitness industry

10) You meet amazing and cool people every day and, more often than not, they will surprise you! Never judge anyone.

11) Everyone you do meet or spend time with has a story to tell that is 100% worth listening to.

12) Unfortunately, most PTs are salesmen who sell you bullshit. It gives a lot of us a bad name, don’t be afraid to sort through people until you find the right coach for you.

13) Very few people in the industry read enough in an attempt to up skill or improve themselves.

14) Once you stop chasing money and focus on the product you can offer best, custom will come to you. Relax and just be brilliant at what you can do.

15) Before anything else, the basics of movement and skill must be done well- solid foundations are everything!

16) SIMPLE ALWAYS WORKS BEST (this rarely means it is easy though).

17) All success takes time. Walking into something and expecting an instant return will never work out and will just disappoint you.

18) The industry is saturated by terrible online advice which too many people unfortunately listen to. Again, find a credible coach and listen to them.

19) Any sort of brand awareness is hugely important for success. Whether it’s through social media or word of mouth, any chat is good chat. I personally have used branded clothing a lot and it has served me very well.

About life

20) Being open to exploring new places and trying new things is the key to success in both life and any field of work.

21) If you let emotion get the better of you, you’ll almost always end up in some sort of rut.

22) Never allow yourself to stop learning! The biggest mistake we can make is thinking that we know enough.

23) Having a job in which you work for yourself is amazing, one day I hope you all get the chance to do it – it gives you the control and all the freedom you need/want.

24) Become excellent at either writing or speaking and it helps you a hell of a lot with everything else. (Something I am clearly striving for).

25) Being ‘too busy’ is bullshit! Prioritise what matters and manage your time effectively and you’ll never be ‘too busy’ for anything. We have all been guilty of this at some point.

26) Stop bloody worrying all the time- things are never as bad as you think they are.

27) Invest in a good pair of shoes, great underwear, awesome pillows and a sweet frying pan. Life will be great after that- it’s all about the small things.

28) There is NO rule that by the time you are 25 or even 30 you should have ‘your shit figured out’- take your time. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard this and lovingly ignored it.

29) Learning how to shut off from the world takes time but is a valuable skill to master in order to deal with the hurdles of every day life much better. I remember far too many sleepless nights when I started working for myself, finding stuff which helped switch me off was priceless for me.

30) Even when the bad things happen the only one thing you can control completely is your attitude. Perspective is everything.

Thanks for reading.

Keep training,


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