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Whatever your performance or fitness goal is, there will be something on here for you!

Welcome to Hybrid Performance by Lewis Gaffney, go ahead and explore the website where you'll find numerous blogs to help educate yourself with, testimonials from clients with a whole host of different fitness goals, and the portal to my hybrid performance online coaching.

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Who I am

I’m Lewis Gaffney, a man on a mission to provide people with the best training methods possible for their goal and teach  methods for long term health and fitness.

My background in sports performance and injury rehabilitation has given me a brilliant understanding of how the body moves, and how it reacts to different stresses.

So, if you are looking for a strength coach, nutritional coaching, weight loss advice or simply long term good health, I am the man for you!

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pride in each service

Personal training session

Face to face training in the gym with me. Without a doubt the best way for you to get to your goal.

Online training

Pick from either bespoke training plans designed with your chosen goal in mind or a monthly subscription service for you to choose your own programme.

For clients who are not able to train with myself personally. These roll on a 4 week basis to provide regular updates and improvements to your training.

Nutrition consultation

A face to face or Skype meeting with myself to discuss all the nutritional basics to get you on the right track when not in the gym. Usually lasting an hour and always recommended for first starters.

Sports injury assessment and initial treatment

Experiencing pain in your every day life or when exercising? Recovering from surgery? Come and see myself to find out how to get yourself on the road to recovery.

Nutrition Booklet

A brilliant E-book introducing you to the world of nutrition and healthy eating. Within this E-book we cover how to use calories to your advantage with whatever goal you may have as well as teaching you the easy science behind the macronutrients, micronutrients, caffeine, water, sleep and much more!

Buy now and have this book to hand for the rest of your life whenever you need to refer back to it.

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Up to date advice written by lewis gaffney
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what people are saying

Nicole robinson

At the start of 2019 I had a short term weight loss goal that I wanted to reach. I knew Lewis would be the one to help me achieve it. Lewis takes into account my injuries as well as all of my goals so that he can tailor workouts which suit my personal needs.

He has made me fall back in love with training again after a break!

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